Forsythia Flower Syrup

Forsythia flowers are absolutely stunning early spring! The flowers are indeed edible, often bitter, but edible. Sprinkled on fresh garden salad or tossed in a pasta dish, they are sure to brighten your meal. However, their beauty doesn’t last. After a few short weeks of shining bright, they blend in with the green foliage. A great way to capture their golden hue is to make a Forsythia Flower Syrup! Here is a simple recipe to enjoy their sunshine a bit longer.

IMG_6826 (1)

Forsythia Flower Syrup

1 cup freshly picked forsythia flowers

1.5 cups water

1/2-1 cup raw honey


  • Allow for the forsythia flowers to sit out after picking. Often times there are little creatures inside the blossoms, so you’ll want to give them time to escape!


  • Next, place the flowers in a cup or mason jar
  • Boil the water and pour over the flowers. Cover the cup and allow to sit for a few to several hours. The tea will start to turn a golden color.

IMG_7336 (1)

  • Strain the flowers and add the raw honey to the tea. Stir and enjoy!


The syrup can be refrigerated for a few weeks. Add the sweet syrup to cocktails, tea, pancakes, or something even more creative! I personally enjoy the golden syrup in a springtime tea. Cheers!


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