Violet Infused Honey

Violet Honey time!

Violet honey is a wonderful way to preserve these delightful springtime flowers. The flowers are edible, honey is edible, why not combine them? Violet flowers and leaves are both very moistening, making each ideal for dry and irritated tissues. Violet tea and violet infused honey can bring instant relieve to sore throats and dry coughs. Drying the leaves and flowers for future tea and dropping some infused violet honey in sounds like a wonderful remedy to me! Not to mention, the flowers and leaves are edible, so they can be enjoyed anytime!

Violet Honey Recipe

You will need:

  • Sanitized glass jar w/ lid
  • Fresh violets
  • Raw honey to fill the entire jar to the tippity top, locally sourced is a plus

What to do:

Sanitize your jar and allow it to dry completely

Gather your fresh violets, being mindful to only take 10% of what’s available. The pollinators and the plants will appreciate that! If the lawn is being mowed, I’ll gather as many as possible.  Allow the violets to sit out, giving the critters inside a chance to vacate.


Fill appropriate size glass jar with fresh violets. You’ll want to pack them in.



Next, pour raw honey in the mason jar to the very top, I use chopsticks or wooden skewers to move the flowers around and release any air bubbles. You may need to add more honey the following day as the flowers start to settle.


Cover the jar with a lid and allow it to sit and chill-out for 2-4 weeks. Each day you’ll want to rotate the jars to be sure the violets remain covered, as they’ll want to float to the top. If you can’t wait 2-4 weeks, you can most definitely enjoy this sweet treat right away!

IMG_7678 (1)


When using fresh herbs and honey, it’s often a good idea to store in the refrigerator. The moisture from the plants, mixed with the honey, can cause the honey to spoil or even ferment! If you’re looking to ferment then go that route.

IMG_7686 (1)

Enjoy in tea, by the spoonful, or on toast!

*Some people will strain the herbs out, I find this to be a HUGE mess. So if you’re not using roots, bark, and herbs that are difficult to consume, I’d suggest you leave em’ in there!

Other Honey Infusion ideas:

Ground Cinnamon, rose petals, lavender buds, ground cayenne, and sage infused honey 


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