Winter Ice Lanterns

Winter Ice Lanterns are a perfect way to celebrate the darkest and coldest days of the year. Although winter is pure and cleansing, it can also be rather harsh. Sharing warmth and light alongside a fire can strengthen our hearts and bring goodwill and joy into our life. Here is a lovely way to celebrate this light and all that winter has to offer.

You’ll want to start by gathering items to decorate your lantern. Taking a walk outside and gathering what’s available is a great way to show the abundance that surrounds us, even during the coldest months. Some ideas might include small evergreen branches, needles, and cones, dried berries, fruits, and flowers, seeds, and nuts.

Next, you’ll need to find two containers – one larger than the other. You’ll want to make sure there is enough space in between to add your natural materials. I personally like using a plastic container/bowl for the lantern shape and a small mason jar for the inside. Think about the shape and size you would like your lantern to be. Note, if the weather isn’t cold enough, you’ll need to fit the lantern in your freezer.

Large container with smaller container inside

Then, you’ll want to fill the space in between with your natural materials. This is the fun part! Pack your décor in there, some materials will float, so this will help avoid that.

Fill the space in between the containers

Now add water to the space in between the two containers. You don’t need to add water to the inside jar. The jar inside may float a bit and that’s okay, as this will create a nice place for your candle to rest once frozen. If it’s really a problem, you can always add a small rock to hold it down a bit. This is also a great time to add and adjust materials.

Add water

Carefully take your lantern and place it outside (if it’s cold enough) or in the freezer. After several hours the water will freeze and your lantern will be ready! I had to place the container under hot water for a few seconds to loosen it up and get it out. I removed the inside jar as well but you don’t necessarily have to. Add some tea lights and you’re all set! Enjoy

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