Herbal Wonder

Herbal Wanders Mission is to create an environment that reconnects people with nature, through inspirational ideas, and welcome those to wander outside.

The land is the real teacher. All we need as students is mindfulness.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of Plants

Hi, I’m Kat, the “Herbal Wanderer” and my hope is to inspire others to see the land as more than just plants and weeds but as food, medicine, & art. There are many allies that surround us and sometimes we just need to be a bit more mindful to recognize them.

What is Herbal Wander?

Herbal Wander is simply exploring and roaming from place to place and plant to plant.   

A little story:

A few years ago my family and I moved to the quintessential New England town of Amherst, NH – filled with white churches, pristine lawns, historical buildings, and the “Village Green”. I remember that first spring, when the leaves began to fill in and the grass began to grow, I was conflicted. I had been learning all about medicinal herbs, the importance of plants, and making crazy tea concoctions during the winter months. Now I was faced with a decision – to keep or not keep the weeds emerging from my lawn. I know, real life problem, right? The hum of landscapers and herbicide sprays throughout my neighborhood where subtle reminders of what is expected in this town.

I had gone to a local garden center and spoke with a woman there. The conversation was short, sweet, and had a lasting impression on me. I went in with the intentions to purchase an organic fertilizer to kill my weeds and keep a pristine yard. She had said, “Do you want a yard full of grass or what nature had intended?” Why was I trying so hard to keep grass? Why is EVERYONE trying to keep grass? All the time, money, chemicals, frustration needed to domesticate nature, now seemed silly to me. So I let my yard do its thing! That spring I noticed medicine and food emerging from my lawn. First the violets, ground ivy, and stinging nettle, then the dandelions, plantain, and white clover appeared. Every few weeks new plants would arrive. Suddenly my yard was more than something to maintain, it was something to watch and enjoy!

I began to share what I was learning with people and quickly realized that there’s more interest than I thought! It may be intimidating at first but once you see that it’s all around us and available, the mind begins to shift. I’m here in hopes to inspire people to not only wonder about plants but wander as well.

I believe with greater awareness and spreading some plant love, the Earth and those who inhabit it will be a bit healthier!

With that said, I welcome you to Herbal Wander with me!